We are photographers and writers who love outdoor adventure and travel. We specialize in landscape, nature, travel and event photography. The narrative that binds these images is our ability to weave them into a compelling story.

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Calling All Bears – Smoky Mountain Discoveries

This was to be one of many such encounters as Barry and I wandered through Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Inching forward at 10 miles an hour along the 11-mile conveyor belt loop circumnavigating the broad valley, you are guaranteed to see wildlife if you peer beyond the bumper-to-bumper line of cars.

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Moonshine in the Dark Corner

October 21, 2016 South Carolina, Upstate 0 Comments

The rivers and tributaries of the Carolinas were the powerhouses behind the once thriving textile industry; they were also the means to accessing fresh water that kept the illicit liquor supplies flowing through these hills.

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fancy boots

Honky Tonk Confessions

It might have been the rousing vodka soaked night of dancing on the sticky floor, or it could have been the spirit of Hank Williams sitting in a dark corner in the back of the bar below faded autographed snapshots of county legends.

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