We are photographers and writers who love adventure and travel. We specialize in landscape, nature, documentary, urban and portraiture. The narrative that binds these images is our ability to weave them into a compelling story.

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Nature Photography

From the delicate wings of a hummingbird to an ambling bear climbing down a tree, it takes patience, perseverance, timing and lots of luck to capture that perfect moment.  

Landscape Photography

A sun-bleached driftwood against a saturated blue sky or a pastel sunrise over an ocean of mountains, inspiration truly comes from the inside, but it can be coerced by the beauty surrounding us.

Urban Photography

Grafitti and abandoned buildings are washed in contradictory messages, discarded memories and arrested dreams. While the aesthetics may be dark, hidden in the images is a sense of playfulness and light.

Travel Photography

Capturing a sense of place means looking beyond the tourist landmarks and cliches. Maybe if you linger a little longer in the the central plaza, take a walk down the side streets or hike the remote paths in rural villages, maybe then a different story will begin to reveal itself.

Portrait Photography

Whether in studio or in an outdoor setting, the goal is to capture your personality and to tell your story. It's time to move beyond the selfie.  

Event Photography

A successful brand needs a continued dialogue with your followers. Event photography can help tell your story and promote your events and public relations efforts to a wider audience.

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Somebody’s Watching Me: Kayaking in the Okefenokee Swamp

Our kayaks slice through the water and only our wake disturbs the stillness, the ripples long and undulating. We can hear a low, rumbling growl, best described like a deep and prolonged guttural belch coming from ahead of us. Barry and I look at each other, the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, and against my instinct to flee, curiosity cautiously propels me toward the source of the sound.

Painting with Light: A Crash Course in Studio Lighting

Painting with Light: A crash course in studio lighting. Light is what defines all photography, and with studio lighting, the potential for control over the environment is what makes it so appealing.

Key to Kayaking in Florida

February 16, 2017 Florida Keys, Kayak, road trip 6 Comments

Key to kayaking in Florida…it doesn’t have to epic. An unplanned trip allowed us to discover an area that subsides largely on tourism in an uncharted way.

Nice lens, get in the truck

Its been one month since I started the daily photo project – challenging myself to take a photograph a day that I felt was interesting enough to post online. While this project has been far more challenging than I anticipated, it has also been very rewarding.

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