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The one thing I never leave home without? My camera, of course.

wan·der·ing |/wändəriNG/|

ADJECTIVE traveling aimlessly from place to place; itinerant.

NOUN a going about from place to place. Movement away from the proper, normal, or usual course or place.

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Navigating in this world with utmost spite and disregard to an outward sense of direction gives me the opportunity to see the ordinary, every day sights from an unexpected perspective.

While my inner GPS appears to be damaged in the greater context of geographical space, it has nonetheless lead me to discover new places in both familiar and new settings.

I approach photography and writing with that same sense of discovery, bringing a unique point of view to all my encounters.

Here I will share stories and photography from wherever my wandering takes me. From Vanuatu and French Guiana to the Smoky Mountains, the Okefenokee Swamp, and all those places in between, join me on my travels around our big blue planet.

- Salwa Farah

More about Salwa

A background as a journalist with an honors degree in communications gave me a solid foundation in both writing editorial content and complimenting it with a strong visual context. As a published writer and photographer, I have written and edited feature articles, captured and contributed cover photographs and collaborated with a variety of magazines to tell compelling stories.

The last 14 years working in the recreational marine industry as a writer and photographer has provided me with unique opportunities to travel the world and to experience places, cultures and nature in non-traditional ways. While the sequence of events that led to this diverse set of skills has admittedly not been conventional, in this case, you can truly say that the journey itself is the destination.