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Salwa Farah

writer + photographer

A background as a journalist with an honors degree in communications gives Salwa a solid foundation in both writing editorial content and complimenting it with a strong visual context. As a published writer and photographer, Salwa has written and edited feature articles, captured and contributed cover photographs and collaborated with a variety of magazines to tell compelling stories.

The last 14 years working in the recreational marine industry as a writer and photographer has provided Salwa with unique opportunities to travel the world and to experience places, cultures and nature in non-traditional ways. While the sequence of events that led to her diverse set of skills has admittedly not been conventional, in this case, you can truly say that the journey itself is the destination.

Barry Scully

physicist + photographer

If you hear someone calling “Bear” in a National or State Park it’s very possible that someone is trying to figure out where Barry has wandered off to with a big camera and lens in hand. Barry Scully, sometimes known as ‘Bear’, (possibly due to his tendency to forget to shave whenever he can), is a wildlife and landscape photographer with an eye for capturing wildlife in their many poses, habitats and personalities. His background in science and physics is demonstrated in his photographic skill and technique and keen interest in all things optics. His patience and endurance to wait and observe in at-times sub-zero temperatures to get the shot is typically rewarded by some great captures.

A move to South Carolina from Canada a few years ago has opened up a new territory to explore. Salwa and Barry take regular weekend roadtrips to the coast, the mountains, or the swamps to wander and discover new areas.

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writer + photographer

The sequence of events that led to the diverse set of skills as a content creator and storyteller have admittedly not been conventional and are challenging to encapsulate into a single title or role.

Writer, photographer, video producer, editor, graphic designer, event coordinator, web designer, public relations are a few key words that define Salwa's various roles. Having said that, the narrative that binds these experiences is her ability to weave them into a compelling story. Learn more about Salwa's work by visiting sfarah.com