Daily Wander

Photo Challenge: 01, 2017

Criss-Crossing the Upstate

It seems fitting that the first photo of the year, and my first daily photo challenge, is of a hood ornament on an abandoned 1950s DeSoto. 

Named after the early Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto, the car represents a time in the 50s when American’s criss-crossed their country in the family sedan, spurring countless roadside motels, drive-ins and a fascination with the Road Trip. While de Soto never did find a viable route to China, he did reportedly lead the first expedition into modern day United States, crossing the Mississippi River and exploring as far north and east as South Carolina – a state which I currently call home.

I have taken on this daily photo project as a way to challenge myself to find interesting perspectives, even in the most mundane. Below is a list of photos taken during the daily challenge.

 abandoned vintage DeSoto  macro shot of red berries Poinsette bridge, SC
peeling paint on window shuttered old mill lightbulb in tree
steps with snow on them holly with ice a closeup of a tulip
abandoned mill red shoulder hawk shadow on bridge
mushrooms on log elegant ironwork abandoned home
vintage restaurant sign first sign of spring heart shaped moss
rusty latch wildcat falls, sc wrought iron gazebo
deserted textile mill seashell Cool Springs Primitive Baptist Church
Sulphur Springs Trail sun imprint ornamental grass
rainbow falls> yucca plant close up lamb's ear plant